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Go Technology!


The Ipad2 is another very unique & amazing device that had been invented in the past few years!  The shop i really would love to become apart of is Health.  One way you could use the Ipad2 for health is for taking down what kinds of problems/symptoms the patient is having insted of having to handwrite them.  Another way is when someone goes to the doctors office, and they are prescribed medicine, the doctor can just send/email what kind of medicine to the pharmacy & they can get it ready, which is very easy to do.  Being able to keep track of how many paients for example come into the emergency room a day & what was wrong with them is another way to use the Ipad2.  Keeping tack of a persons medical record & Insurance for thier problems.  This is an amazing peice of machinery & has and will keep making this field of work easier and easier.

~Emily 😀

Okay, so after basketball practice last night, i went to Friendly’s with my whole team to get something to eat & then we were going to Bilerica High to watch a basketball game.  We all sat down and ordered our drinks like anyone would at a resturaunt.  The waitor brought some of the drinks out and put them on the table, but there was still one water on the tray.  They guy lost his balance and the water spills ALL OVER ME!  I was drenched in, and while i was standing there laughing like the rest of my team, he runs away & doesnt come back for like another good 10 minutes!  He was scared to come back because he just spilled water on someone in front of a group of high school girls!  My teamate ended up having extra sweatpants, thank god!  All and all, we all got free drinks for the rest of the night & an extra kids meal ( that we all ate!)  Thats just my luck!


Shawsheen Lady Rams!

Way to be Shawsheen Lady Rams!  I am on the gils Varsity Basketball team and we are moving on to the next round in this tournament!  Beating North Shore 55-36 last sunday!  Keep the winning streak going because we are playing New Mission this Wednesday night at Chelsea High School in the semi final round of the Division 4 North State Tournament.  We are ready to go and take advantage of this once and a life time opportunity!  Wish us luck at this next game and lets hope to see us play at the Tsongas Arena when we win this game against New Mission.

Lets Go Girls!


Coming to Shawsheen Tech has been a great experience so far!  I can’t wait to be able to pick the shops that i am interested in, but as for this week i am in Internet.  Only 2 shop weekes less until that big decision! Yayyy!!  My top 3 shops are 1. Health 2. Drafting 3. Electrical.  I am so excited this year because they are adding on to the Health shop, which means they are going to be taking more people!  I am not to happy with an 86 in it and wish i could go through it again, but for right now, i am going to enjoy going through them all!

Wish me luck!


   Shawsheen Rules!

Shawsheen is a school that had been in my family for many years! My mother and both my uncles came here & now so do me, my brother, and cousin!  I am very happy that i got accepted & it has been amazing for the months that i have been here! I would love to follow in the footsteps of a couple people in my family & become someone who is in the health field.

Wish me luck


Welcom to Knoops101, enjoy my blog!